Arcane Affinity Magic Item Bundle Vol 1(Foundry VTT)

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Arcane Affinity Magic Item Bundle Vol 1(Foundry VTT)


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This Bundle contains 80 fully illustrated 5e items all rolls and spells are hyperlinked for easy reference. The items are separated into 4 different themes.

Undead Armory
This Set is themed after Necromancy and the undead perfect for your next campaign about toppling an undead lich or an overzealous death cult!

Moon & Sea
This set is themed after its namesake the Moon and Sea if your campaign involves pirates,seafaring or even underwater elements these items will fit in nicely.

Smoldering Forge
Bring the brimstone and Fire or go diggy hole! with this assortment of items themed after dwarfs and the purs of the forge.

Fit for a King
These Items are ideal for a Campaign dealing in royal courts and schemes. Ingratiate yourself with the local lords and ladies today with this royal assortment!

If you have questions about any of the items included with this pack or would like to report a bug or issue you can contact us via Patreon or Instagram


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