Moon and Sea Magic Item Set(Foundry VTT)


Moon and Sea Magic Item Set(Foundry VTT)


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20 Fully illustrated Magic items, fully integrated into Foundry VTT. These items come ready to use, and poised to help your and your party create awesome new moments in your 5th Edition campaigns. This set is themed after its namesake the Moon and Sea if your campaign involves pirates,seafaring or even underwater elements these items will fit in nicely.



● Angler’s Hat
● Ocean’s Dispatcher
● Brilliant Moon Buckle
● Orog’Gols Bracers
● Captain’s Coat of Command
● Patch of the Sea Lord
● Conchplate
● Piranha Fang Sling
● Flail of the Anchor Lord
● Pocket Storm
● Gamblers Flintlock
● Potion of Sea Breath
● Koi Decanter of Frostbite
● Serrated Blood Blade
● Krillean Cutlass
● Sharktooth Bracers
● Motar’s Diving Suit
● Shell of shadowy Secrets
● Ocean Man’s Hand
● Spear of Eel Intent


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