Smoldering Forge Magic Item Set(Foundry VTT)


Smoldering Forge Magic Item Set(Foundry VTT)


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20 Fully illustrated Magic items, fully integrated into Foundry VTT. These items come ready to use, and poised to help your and your party create awesome new moments in your 5th Edition Campaigns. Bring the Brimstone and Fire or go Diggy Hole! with this assortment of items themed after Dwarfs and the Purs of the Forge.



● Belt of Volcanic Vigor
● Magma’mama’s Ale
● Beragors Boomhammer
● Miners Mullet
● Boots of Steelquake
● Molten Arbalest
● Brunhelga’s Beard Bobbles
● Safety Gloves
● Dwarven Treant Chopper
● Slag Weapon
● FissureBreak
● Stonemason’s Knuckles
● Flint Frostbeard’s Foldable Forge
● Sweatboots
● Forgelord Hammer
● Tongs of Force
● Goblins Foecleaver
● Volcanic Covering
● Magma Meteor Ring
● Worker’s Apron


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