The Hidden Glen Magic Item Set(Foundry VTT)

The Glen Foundry Vtt sqaureThe Glen Foundry Vtt sqaure

The Hidden Glen Magic Item Set(Foundry VTT)


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Unleash the extraordinary with our set of 20 exquisitely illustrated magic items, Seamlessly integrated with hyperlinked rolls and spells, these items are the key to elevating your 5th edition campaigns into unforgettable adventures. Whether delving into the mystique of the Faewild or exploring realms where magic defies explanation, this collection is your passport to boundless wonder! Command gravity, wield the awe-inspiring might of the Seasons themselves, and dare to push the boundaries of luck, reaching heights even the gods admire.


•Pearilus Pendant
•Butterfly Knife
•Iron Pie Launcher
•Cup and String
•Bungie-bubble Gum
•Maul of Heavy Metals
•Rosemary Whip
•Ring of Helping Hands
•Ceaseless Thirst
•Coin of Capricious Larceny
•Enchanted Sapling
•Wand of Pixies
•Pebble of Precision
•Feyfire Lantern
•Ring of Sylvan Resilience
•The Ring of Seasons
•Hag’s Malediction Medallion
•Flute of the Satyr
•Whispering Willow Amulet
•Devious Barkwood

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